Ned Madden, based in Orange County, Calif., is a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) consultant and marketing professional. He is a contributing writer for Produce Grower Magazine and also writes about urban agriculture topics for ECT News Network. Ned has an extensive background as a consultant, Internet entrepreneur, writer, editor, journalist and publicist.

Ned has a focused interest in developing advanced ag-tech (agricultural technology) businesses in Orange County, the center of Southern California’s Agricultural Technology Cluster.  He works with leaders in the region’s agriculture industry to promote the development of ag-tech companies to serve growers and farmers and create jobs.

Orange County Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and urban ag-tech are his specialties.

His a background as a Social Media Outsourcing (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) specialist.  He  provides research and consulting services to companies involved in the use of real-time communications and interactive multimedia, both in the packaging of audio and video content and in the development of new services based on online technologies such  Social Media and Digital Media.

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